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Let’s talk about love.

So, yeah it’s February. Love Month for those who are happily commited and Ampalaya Month for those who are not. Hay, my right arm is terribly aching and my back pain is so severe but I really have to share what Pastor Dan preached last night. Mapapagoodmorning ka, pare! Astig ‘to e. Astig si Lord!!!!

So, what is love? Ay solid slumbook yung ganung tanong mga pards! Pero anu nga ba? Sabi nila, love is blind. O pwede din love is not a flower that dies is summer but love is a river that flows forever. Nakanams! Mga ganun. Pero eto, John 3:16. Alam na alam natin ‘tong verse na ‘to. This verse does not only talks about how God sacrificed for us pero it also gives us 3 wonderful meaning of love. *insert heart here*

John 3:16a “For God so loved the world…”
1. Love is a decision.
-God made a decision to love us. Heavy yun!!! Sabi nga ni Pstr Dan, and as we all should know, God is the Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning and the End to make it simple. Ibig sabihin, alam na ni Lord kung anong klaseng tao ka after 10 yrs or 20 yrs! The truth is, there is nothing lovable in us. We are wicked. We are sinners! Yet God made a decision to love us despite of who we were, who we are right now and who we will be in the following years! Mahal ka ni Lord. Period. Desisyon Niyang mahalin tayo. At yun na yun. Wala na tayong magagawa dun. Hayyy. Isn’t it amazing? And as for us, we should not base our love with our feelings and attraction. Love is a decision. Hindi lang yun dahil sa nakaramdam ka ng kilig kasi mohawks siya e tapos kapag binago na niya hairstyle nya e ayaw mo na. Hindi yun ganun, pards. Ulit ulitin natin, LOVE IS A DECISION. Kapag pinagdesisyunan mo na mamahalin mo ‘tong tao na ‘to, mamahalin mo siya kahit sumobrang pangit na ng ugali niya at feeling mo di mo na makaya.  Ganun. :)

”..that He gave His one and only Son..”
2. Love means giving your best.
Pstr Dan said last night na people usually get into relationship because they simply want to get something from it. Ugh, I don’t know. I’ve never been in a relationship. Pero eto ang strike! Look, love actually is not getting the best out of someone but on the contrary, it is giving your very best just like what Father God did! He gave us His son to save us. Imagine that? Ikaw, anak mo hahayaan mong maghirap kahit walang kasalanan? Malabo. Pero love nga tayo ni God kaya tentennenen! Ayan. God knows na we are not capable of loving Him in return but He decided to love us! Yun yung point. Kahit alam mong wala kang benefit sa pagmamahal na ginagawa mo sa isang tao, ayus lang yan. Just give your best and love.